WE WILL EDUCATE and advocate for Surrogacy by sharing our uplifting, compelling, and empowering personal stories. WE WILL SHARE stories about our successful Surrogacy journeys and our happiest moments. WE WILL CREATE a visual story through our photo campaign sharing "WHAT SURROGACY MEANS TO ME" with the world. We will host events to educate future Intended Parents and Surrogates about the process and how to get started. WE WILL PROVIDE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE to individuals and couple that otherwise would not be able to move forward with Surrogacy. We will host annual Celebrations to share our joy with everyone that has helped us Co-Create our "FAMILIES THROUGH TEAMMWORK."

The Gift of Life

We’re Pregnant

About Surrogacy

  • Rachelle and Chris – Don’t Give Up
  • Mario and Tom – Breaking the Mold
  • Jennings and Ryan – Picture Perfect
  • Sara and Zack – Destination Baby

2014 Salute to Surrogacy Celebration